Grown Ups

Imagine... you go to this really cool house where you hang out with your friends and do amazing things. While
you're there you
might even learn

Check out our DVD releases for "The Amazing House" Series

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So Fi-Bi can get permission to use the amazing house DVDs your school or group fill out the license enquiry form.

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Apollo the astronaught goes on an adventure with some aliens

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Amazing Pairs is a fun way for children to play with letter sounds

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Teachers! Would you like a special kit and DVDs of the core parts of The Amazing House to use in your pre-school, kindergarten or ESL classes?

The Amazing House crew are working on these right now. Please send an email to to ask more details.

These kits will include lesson plans, teacher’s aids etc plus dedicated DVDs that contain core parts of each adventure that can form the basis of a complete lesson for children.

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